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Help Topics

1. If you need a great unzip tool (for free), then download CAMUnZip. Once downloaded, simply double-click on cuzsetup.exe in Explorer and it will install itself. Once installed, just double-click on any .ZIP file to unzip and/or install the associated program.

  Please download/listen to this short tutorial on unzipping files.

2. If you do not see the glyphs in my programs when you bring up a chartwheel, then copy the file called HORARY.TTF (or MatchMkr.TTF or Astro123.TTF) to your c:\windows\fonts directory.

3. Downloading tutorials:
Easy Download Guide
Downloading and Unzipping 101

4. Using AstroWin with Windows 7 (other programs will probably work the same way):

Click "Start / Control Panel".
In the next window, under "System and Security", choose "Find and fix problems".
Next window under "Programs", choose "Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows".
Next window "Program Compatibility", click "Next".
Next window, choose the program from the list "AstroWin".
Next window, choose "Try recommended Settings", and then follow the instructions - it works.

I've been with Bluehost for years - I know they run all my astrology scripts just fine. I am an affiliate.

For all your astrological needs, visit the good folks at:

High quality supplements at GREAT prices - personally recommended (and I only like the best)

Relax and be entertained by the beautiful, realistic fish

Allen Edwall

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