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Astrology Software FAQ

Q: How do I make AstroWin work with Windows 7?

A: Click "Start / Control Panel".
In the next window, under "System and Security", choose "Find and fix problems".
Next window under "Programs", choose "Run Programs made for previous versions of Windows".
Next window "Program Compatibility", click "Next".
Next window, choose the program from the list "AstroWin".
Next window, choose "Try recommended Settings", and then follow the instructions - it works.

Q: I have a problem where the day and month seem to be getting mixed up. What's up?

A: Go into CONTROL PANEL and check your REGIONAL SETTINGS. Make sure your dates under the DATE tab are set to the proper format. Also, check in your c:\windows\win.ini file under [INTL] and make sure that iDate equals 1 if you use a dd/mm/yyyy date format or 0 if you use a mm/dd/yyyy date format. If iDate is not in your win.ini file, then edit the file using NotePad and add a line [INTL], then iDate = 1. It should look like this when you are done:


Q: I have a problem where the astroclock screen saver never displays PM charts. What's up?

A: This is similar to the above except it concerns iTime. Check in your c:\windows\win.ini file under [INTL] and make sure that iTime equals 1 (you probably also want iDate set to 1). If iTime is not in your win.ini file, then edit the file using NotePad and add a line [INTL], then iTime = 1. It should look like this when you are done:


Q: Why don't the glyphs show up on the chartwheel?

A: You need to copy the associated .ttf file (horary.ttf, astro123.ttf or matchmaker.ttf) from your c:\windows\system to your c:\windows\fonts directory.

Q: I can't install the program. What should I do?

A: Two things - first, make sure you have the VB runtime files in your c:\windows\system32 directory. Fetch them from my website. Second, try a better unzip tool than WinZip, which is quirky at times. Download CAMUnZip from my website.

Q: Where is setup.exe for AstroSrc?

A: There is no setup.exe file for AstroSrc. All the source code is included so you can load AstroSrc right into your VB environment. There is nothing to install.

Q: The program asks for atlas.exe - where is it?

A: If you have already purchased the DOS version of the ACS atlas, then the program allows you to tap into what you already have and to use it. Atlas.exe does NOT come with my programs. Visit for more info on their atlases.

Q: I've downloaded a .zip file three times and each time I unzip it, it tells me the file is corrupt and to download it again. Any suggestions?

A: I suspect you are using WinZip to unzip the file. WinZip is flaky - use another unzip tool. Fetch CAMUnZip (an unzip tool) at

Q: Do you have any other programs in development?

A: As of 31 August 2002 I have no other programs in development. Please offer me some suggestions.

Q: Are you making any of your programs available for a PDA?

A: No, sorry, I do not own a PDA and I do not know how to write code for Windows CE.

Q: Transits has missing transit/planet information. Is it supposed to be that way?

A: I have provided transit interps for Sun - Jupiter, excluding the Moon. One can write their own interps for the slow moving outer planets. The Moon moves so quickly that I see no need to talk about her.

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