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Free natal chart report

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About the AstroWin Website

This website contains free astrology programs for all interested persons. Astro123 allows you to generate natal and synastry (relationship) chart reports for your family and friends. Vocation helps with vocational astrology. AstroWin has tons of calculations such as progressions, transits, solar and lunar returns, astro-locality, and much more. Several programs contain source code so you may develop your own astrology programs. There's more. There's an astroclock program, a planetary hours program, a transits program with daily transit reports, a midpoint program, and online chart and report generators - check them all out.

PLUS - there's a match-making database so you can find people who are astrologically harmonious with you and you can enter your birth data into a separate database and generate natal and synastry (relationship) reports or check your dual cosmodynes with anyone else in your database.

I've been with Bluehost for years - I know they run all my astrology scripts just fine. I am an affiliate.

For all your astrological needs, visit the good folks at:

High quality supplements at GREAT prices - personally recommended (and I only like the best)

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