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Election Helper
(a program for astrological elections)

Spiritual astrology can help you understand yourself and others better. With greater understanding we can all get along much more harmoniously. This enhances the quality of life and helps our soul growth. If you would like a program that is an astro-clock and a tool for helping you pick a good astrological time to do something, then please download Election Helper (with both geocentric and heliocentric planet positions).

Election Helper also displays a declination chart and calculates cosmodynes plus lots of traditional horary data.

NOTE: Download and double-click on Election Helper to install the program.

Election Helper v2.30, 15 March 2014.

Click here to see a screenshot of the program. Note the RED Moon, which indicates a void-of-course Moon.


Version 2.30 - 25 Jan 2006
1. Added the ability to add or go back in multiples of hours and minutes. See options #13 - #16.

2. Added options #8, #117, and #118 to control and display a void-of-course Moon when applicable. The Moon changes appearance when it is void-of-course.

last updated - 15 March 2014
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