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31 May 2016 at 00:00 GMT
Moon at 29 Pis 19
Sun at 09 Gem 59

Mr. Einstein
"Use your head - I did!"
(an astro clock)

AstroClk is an astro-clock program. Don't know what that is? Click on the link below to see a screen shot. AstroClk updates the displayed astrological chart every minute. You can easily move forward or backward a day, hour, or minute at a time.

NOTE: Download the below file and run it to install AstroClk.

AstroClk_v225_install.exe - 1,495,544 bytes - 19 April 2011
Screen shot of AstroClk.

last updated - 19 April 2011
I've been with Bluehost for years - I know they run all my astrology scripts just fine. I am an affiliate.

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Relax and be entertained by the beautiful, realistic fish

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