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01 July 2022 - Free Natal Chart Report in Spanish (pdf)

28 June 2022 - Match-Maker Database up and running again.

18 Mar 2022 - Natal Chart Meanings in Spanish (read natal chart interpretations for planets, signs, houses, and aspects)

Updated 05 July 2021 - Finding_Lucky_Times, v1.60 - aspects to natal midpoints bug fixes.

22 June 2021 - A set of scripts that show how to code a chartwheel graphic.

11 May 2021 - A set of scripts allowing anyone to generate their natal report.

21 June 2020 - Due to server load issues, the Match-Maker feature has been disabled.

28 Aug 2018 - Progressed synastry maps

27 Aug 2018 - Progressed planet maps

27 Aug 2018 - Solar arc planet maps

27 Aug 2018 - Transit/progressed planet maps

10 July 2018 - (updated) Natal Charts (with Transits) Android astrology app

16 Apr 2018 - Android Astrology Apps

27 Mar 2018 - Natal Cosmodyne Calculations (find your strongest, most harmonious, and most discordant planets, signs, houses)

16 Feb 2018 - Natal Chart Meanings (read natal chart interpretations for planets, signs, houses, and aspects)

15 Feb 2018 - Meanings, v1.00 (program that generates natal interpretations for rising sign, planets in signs and houses, and planetary aspects)

15 Jan 2018 - RF_Ephem_SE, v2.00 (ephemeris generator & aspectarian using Swiss ephemeris)

01 Jan 2018 - A new set of PHP scripts so you can set up your own offline flat-file database and run various PHP scripts using your local web browser (on Windows)

01 Jan 2018 - SE_Cycles, v5.33 (aspectarian for Tropical and Sidereal zodiac calculations)

03 June 2017 - New election chart script (experimental features - work in progress).

30 Nov 2016 - Excel spreadsheet with many Swiss ephemeris astrology calculations.

Updated 31 Mar 2015 - SE_Aspectarian, v1.33 - better date formatting.

Updated 30 Jul 2014 - New set of PHP scripts for setting up a database for users to create and maintain so they may calculate all manner of various astrological charts and reports, including dual cosmodyne calculations

01 Feb 2014 - New PHP script for generating transit to natal planet interpretations

01 Feb 2014 - New PHP script for generating a synastry chartwheel, aspect grid, and interaspect listing

16 Nov 2013 - Ephemeris Generator

18 May 2013 - Source code for Android using basic4Android IDE, Swiss ephemeris, and Java

11 Sep 2012 - New PHP script for creating natal chart reports in PDF format

15 May 2012 - New Transits program app for Kindle or other Android tablets

12 Mar 2012 - TNA_db, v1.13 (aspectarian for 2-planet transit-to-natal aspects)

26 Feb 2012 - SE_Quadruple_Aspects, v1.00 (aspectarian for 2-, 3-, or 4-planet transit/natal exact aspects)

26 Feb 2012 - SE_Triple_Aspects, v1.11 (aspectarian for 2- or 3-planet transit only exact aspects - minor update only)

30 Jan 2012 - New Transits program app for Android phones

25 Dec 2011 - Learn spiritual astrology

22 Dec 2011 - Synastry aspect interpretation of the day

29 Jul 2011 - Horary Helper, v6.01 (updated version - uses Swiss ephemeris)

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