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Horary Helper, v5.00 available for download

Horary Helper, v5.00, is now available for download by visiting

Horary Helper is a program for horary astrology, both doing the calculations needed in order to interpret a horary chart plus tutorials and study notes so you can learn to be a better horary astrologer.

5 Responses to “Horary Helper, v5.00 available for download”

  1. Thought you might be interested.
    Birth data of the luger:
    Borzhomi, Georgia, 43e24, 41n51, -4
    (not sure about TZ, it’s UTC+4)


  2. Yeah, I know, the Moon is VOC.
    You don’t really ignore everything when that happens, do you?

  3. No, I think that would be rather silly, don’t you? We are down here to learn how to rule our stars and I believe that we should always strive to do our best each day regardless of VoC or anything else. It’s late here now and my brain has had a full day, so let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  4. I spent couple of minutes at your blog and i am very impressed, very good articles

  5. Thanks for the free download. May the universe bring you lots of good your way!

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