AstroWin and Cosmodynes

Discussion of astrology and cosmodynes (astrodynes)

Considerations regarding the Zodiac

Consider the following words of Max Heindel, the Rosicrucian mystic and occultist, from his book “Simplified Scientific Astrology” (available online at or in e-book form at “On either side of the ecliptic or Sun’s path are a number of fixed stars which form twelve groups or constellations, that are called ‘signs of the […]

Ignore what astronomers are saying . . .

about the 13th sign and how it throws off everyone’s horoscopes. Astronomers who have never studied astrology, much less spiritual astrology, are ignorant as to how and why it works. Thus they come up with the silliest of ideas. This latest business of the earth wobbling and throwing off everyone’s horoscope is a load of […]