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February 13, 2018

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February 4, 2018

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The Question of Applying and Separating Aspects – and Time of Exact Aspect

February 19, 2017

There are supposed axioms in astrology that really make no sense when hard logic is applied to ancient aphorisms that are held on to by today’s astrologers. One is the concept of applying and separating aspects. Another is the idea that when an aspect is exact that that is somehow important or meaningful. Let’s talk about applying and separating aspects first.

It is said that once an applying aspect is exact and then moves on to separate from exact that it has no more power to influence that planet or “cause” any event. The Magi Society promotes this concept and many traditional astrologers also seem to embrace this concept. But this concept cannot be shown to work like this in any consistent way.

Ask yourself, “Would you rather natalize an event when the Sun was applying to Jupiter within one degree or would you rather natalize an event when the Sun was one degree past Jupiter?” Does it make any real difference?

If you believe that secondary progressions “work”, then in the first case you get a natal chart with the Sun applying to Jupiter and this secondary progression lasts one year applying and one year separating (I’m assuming that ANY progression is in force, no matter if it is applying or separating, as long as it is within one degree of exact – this is what the Church of Light teaches). In the second case you get a progressed Jupiter to natal Sun aspect that can last 5 or more years applying and another 5 or more years separating (because Jupiter moves much more slowly than the Sun). And because Jupiter is sometimes retrograde, you may experience this progression for a much longer period of time or even more than once.

Now consider this. If I am applying to you, either because you are ahead of me on the street and I am walking faster than you, or you are walking towards me and I am walking towards you, can something only happen while one of us is “applying” to the other? What if I pass you, then turn and stab you in the back. I am separating from you, yet I still “caused” something to happen. I still had an influence on you even when past you.

Or what if you are ahead of me and drop a twenty dollar bill on the ground. Because I am applying to you (walking faster), I will see it and find good luck. But what if I have passed you and I drop the twenty? You see it and it is then YOUR good luck. So to say that once something is past that it has no effect is just not common sense.

Please rethink your ideas about applying and separating aspects. Life is too complicated to dismiss one side of any coin as having no effect.

Why do astrologers care when an aspect is exact?

Take all the events in your life and check the ephemeris. Did any of those events happen exactly when two planets were in exact (partile) aspect? No, that is just not reality. So what, then, does it matter when two planets are in exact aspect? As I have pointed out above, the concept that things happen only when one planet applies to another is flawed. So if events do not only happen when planets are in exact aspect, and they do not happen only when one planet applies to another, then what’s the point of knowing when an aspect is exact? Yes, some will say that that is the time the planets have the most power. Perhaps it is, but so what? What does that mean in the real world? Nothing at all.

But astrologers like to give us data for times of exact, probably because they think it makes them look like they more know what they are doing, when, in fact, they really don’t understand the underlying concepts of certain things and have simply accepted what they think they were taught from long ago.

If astrology is ever going to be shown as “scientific”, a good first step would be to show that it is logical. Of course, materialists who have no concept of spiritual matters will never believe that astrology could ever be “scientific”. What they fail to understand is that there is a side of life called “occult science”. But they are blind to it.

Traditional Astrology Techniques for Prediction Don’t Work

November 17, 2016

Perhaps you know by now that astrologers had a terrible record in predicting who would win the US Presidential Election of 2016. Roughly 80% of the US astrologers that hazarded a “guess” picked Clinton. Why were all these astrologers wrong? Is it because they were so biased and thus fit the charts to support their biased mindset? Or are these astrologers simply using techniques that cannot be relied upon as being accurate or consistent?

If you would like to try your hand with your own techniques, consider the below. Was this a good day or a bad day for this young man (07 Jun 1986, 1:01 am EDT, 80w04, 26n32)? Hint: you don’t really need to know the time or place of birth because that information was not needed in order to accurately predict the 2016 Election results.

Below you see the young man’s chart for the day in question:

Natal and transit planet positions

Natal (top) and transit (bottom) planet positions

The natal positions are displayed in the top portion of the grid and the transit positions are displayed in the lower half of the grid.

Using your favorite techniques where will you start?

Perhaps you will start by finding all the “good” and “bad” transit-to-natal aspects at this time. I can show you these in the two sets of grids below (the “good” aspects are shown in green on the left and the “bad” aspects are shown in red on the right)(I will use a 3-degree orb – the orb you use might be different):

“Good” aspects (left side) and “bad” aspects (right side)

This is what astrologers normally do (I think). So what do you make of the above? Can you really determine if there is more “good” than “bad” and thus maybe he had a good day? Or is there more “bad” and thus he was more likely to have had a “bad” day? Or maybe the day will be both good and bad? And if good, how good? And if bad, how bad?

Seems to me this is one big problem in today’s astrology – the techniques commonly used have no way to figure out from the above exactly what aspects are ACTIVE. After all, what if it could be determined that none of the aspects on the left are active? Wouldn’t that then be the same as if they weren’t there to begin with? And if all the aspects on the right were INACTIVE, then how could any “bad” happen since “no aspects = no action”?

But astrologers have never found a technique that tells them which aspects are active versus which ones are inactive. Until now.


If you want to analyze things yourself before looking at a better technique, then don’t scroll down until you are ready to see something brand new.





Follow along with me.

First of all, you have to know that planets in the same sign share the same energy. Second, when a planet is within 6.5-degrees from the beginning or end of a sign, then that planet is also in the previous or next sign as well as his current sign. In the above this means that natal (n.) Pluto is in Libra-Scorpio and n. Saturn is in Scorpio-Sagittarius. They both share the sign of Scorpio (marked in yellow).

Planets in the same sign share their energy

Note that transiting (t.) Pluto and t. Mars are in the same sign Sagittarius, and that it is very clear that t. Saturn is opposite (“negative”) to n. Mars (note the red color for a “negative” aspect).

T. Saturn opposes n. Mars (in red)

T. Saturn opposes n. Mars (in red)

What’s next? We have to look at the inner planets and see what is happening with them. By “inner planets” I mean Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Venus. Yes, Mars is an inner planet, but I keep Mars separate here because he serves an important function by himself. Mars represents energy and if you have no Mars, then you have no energy. But note above that we do have Mars in this chart – t. Saturn links with n. Mars. So we have potential energy in this chart – and it is on the “negative” side of the chart.

You can well see that t. Sun, t. Mercury, and t. Venus are all in Aquarius and thus they share the same energy between them. What this means is they become almost the same planet. Note that both t. Mercury and t. Venus are both square (“negative”) n. Pluto.

Remembering that planets in the same sign share their energy, I have tied n. Saturn into n. Pluto (all this is colored in orange).

T. Mercury and t. Venus both square n. Pluto (and n. Saturn is in the same sign as n. Pluto)

T. Mercury and t. Venus both square n. Pluto (and n. Saturn is in the same sign as n. Pluto)

So, in effect, what we have here is a combining of planet energies, BUT these planet energies include Mars (energy) and the Sun (because of t. Sun being in the same sign as t. Mercury and t. Venus). This is the important thing to have in order to be “active” – you have to have Mars and Sun involved. Without those you have nothing.

Now consider that a traditional astrologer might say, “Oh, well, this person has t. Jupiter trine n. Sun and t. Uranus trine n. Pluto and n. Mercury and t. Neptune is trine n. Sun – those are all good – lots of opportunities”. Only trouble is none of those aspects are active on the “positive” side, so in effect, they are as good as not there.

So what is your answer to the question, “Good day or bad day”?

Sadly, this was the day the young man committed suicide.

Saturn “negative” Pluto is an influence that represents complete loss of control of some kind.

So, did your prediction technique work?


Kennedy-Nixon Election of 1960

November 10, 2016

In the interest of education, keeping in mind that so many astrologers wrongly predicted the election results, perhaps the below will give more food for thought with regard to aspects and which ones are “active”.

Kennedy-Nixon Election on 08 November 1960

Astrologer Jeane Dixon announced during the 1960 election that Richard Nixon would win and was unequivocal that JFK would fail to win the election. Looking at the chart and seeing that Pluto was “negative” to JFK’s natal Sun certainly was “negative” if indeed that was operating. She probably also saw that JFK’s natal Jupiter and Uranus were “negative” to each other, and that transiting Uranus was “negative” to natal Jupiter during the time frame of the Election. All very bad indicators, so it is easy to see her prediction. Yet she was wrong. Why?

Here’s one piece of the puzzle: Mars creates energy strings that can become “activated”. Without activation an aspect is just an aspect. It has no effect. Transiting Mars is sending energy to natal Pluto (because they are in the same sign). Yes, transiting Mars is also sending energy to natal Neptune (Cancer-Leo — remember, a planet within 6.5-degrees of another sign is considered to also be in that sign) and natal Saturn (Cancer), but something more significant is happening during Election time. Transiting Mars and the Sun’s paths cross, forming a trine on Election Day. This sends energy to the natal Sun’s position, but not just any energy, but beneficial energy. JFK’s natal Sun is in Gemini and therefore joins with natal Pluto (Gemini-Cancer) and Venus in Gemini! Venus “positive” Pluto brings popularity and approval, plus a genuine attractiveness to others. Relationships become encouraging, with faithful friends or with people in high places, and gives the highest degree of compassion. Transiting Venus is almost within a 3-degree orb of a trine to transiting Uranus right before midnight on Election night. Why transiting Uranus? Because natal Uranus is in the same triplicity (beneficial) as natal Sun. Transiting Uranus is in Leo-Virgo, which connects to transiting Pluto also in Virgo.

Simple, eh? But only if you know what to look for and how it all works. Astrology today does not know how it all works. Yet the same principles that were used to correctly predict this election could have easily told you who was going to win the 1960 election, regardless of what some “famous” astrologers were saying back then.


Clinton vs Trump – astrological analysis

November 1, 2016

If you want a better way to analyze who will win, Clinton or Trump, then go here:

It’s not about politics – it’s about astrology – and what it can do.

Dating and Relationships – The Key to Greater Success!

March 15, 2014

Here is what you need to know about dating and relationships as we get closer to the Aquarian Age.

The world and everything in it, including people, are comprised of vibrations. Each “thing” has its own vibratory rate. People are no different. What happens if you try to mix oil and water? I don’t care how much you shake them up, they are never going to mix in a homogeneous way. Why? Because their basic natures and basic vibratory rates are so different that they will never harmoniously combine easily. People are the same. If your basic vibratory rate is so far different than someone else’s, then you will never harmoniously “mix” with that person.

From my statistical analysis, 39% of the people you meet will have vibratory rates which are discordant to your own vibratory rate. Thus, these people are people you do not want an intimate relationship with. Why? Because no matter how much life shakes you up, you will never mix well together in a harmonious manner. Will you be attracted to them? Sure!! Probably so. But that doesn’t mean you should be with them for long stretches of time. And you certainly don’t want to live under the same roof with them. Why? Because, at the end of the day, when all other factors have been neutralized or eliminated, you are left with someone with whom your vibratory rate and theirs is discordant.

Why would you want to settle for someone whose basic vibratory rate is discordant with your own? Because you don’t know any better. And the attraction you probably feel towards that person misleads you and tricks you into thinking that you and that person are compatible or good for each other. So people go from one bad relationship to another because they don’t know how to separate attraction and thrills from genuine compatibility.

How does one determine the vibratory compatibility between two people? By using the technique I developed called “Dual Cosmodynes”. This technique uses the positions of the planets in your natal horoscope and compares them with the positions of the planets in another person’s natal horoscope and then performs the necessary calculations to determine how your vibratory rates (called harmony or discord) stack up. 39% of the people you meet are discordant with you. An average harmony score is about +10. 19% of the people you meet will have a harmony score of +45 or higher and 10.5% of the people you meet will have a harmony score of +60 or higher. So what sense does it make to be with someone with whom you are discordant when you have a good chance of finding someone whose vibratory rate is harmonious to your own?

Now, there are no 100% guarantees in life. And you could have a harmony score of +100 with someone and still not be able to live with them happily ever after. Why? Because people choose to live on many different levels, and if the level you have chosen to live on is too far different than the level your partner has decided to live on, well, then there will be problems at some time or another.

BUT, doesn’t it make sense to avoid and weed out the 39% of the people with whom you are discordant and not waste time, energy, and money on them? Wait and find someone with whom you have harmony and then go for it and see where it leads. Avoiding the “losers” is perhaps more than half the battle in the game of dating and relationships.

Think about your past experiences and how much time, energy, and money you would have saved if you knew then what you know now. Now, skipping the “losers” might not teach you as much, but haven’t you been through the pain of learning enough times? Wouldn’t it be great at this point to put some of that learning into action, hopefully with a lot less pain?

Now, we are all “losers”. Why? Because to 39% of the people out there, we are discordant. BUT, we are ALL “winners” to 10.5% or more of the people out there. It just depends on whom you choose to associate with. So stop feeling like there is no one out there for you or that you are a loser and won’t be able to find a happy relationship. REMEMBER – you are a WINNER for someone out there (not to everyone, but to SOMEONE)! The numbers tell you all you need to know – you just have to be patient and willing enough to keep yourself “free” until a harmonious person comes along. When you meet someone new to whom you are attracted, my recommendation is to check as quickly as possible what your harmony or discord is with that person. If the harmony is +30 or more, then further investigate that person. If there is discord, then say “Thank you, but no thanks” and move on. It is difficult to find the right person when you are with the wrong person.

Teach these principles to your kids and they will thank you forever. You won’t learn this in school, so be your own teacher.

There are desktop and website programs at that can calculate your harmony/discord with anyone you meet. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you, not sell you something. Everything on my website is free for you to use.

Here’s to your finding a harmonious partner. Good luck!

You can download (for free) any of my desktop astrology programs or sign up and create your own online database and analyze all you want. If all you need is one synastry chart with the calculations, then you can do that here or here.

If you like, visit my dating website at

Read more about cosmodynes and dual cosmodynes here.

A new Android app called Transits (for the Kindle Fire and any Android tablet)

July 16, 2012

I have written my Transits app for the Kindle Fire (and any Android tablet). You can review it here:

Perhaps you will find it of interest.

Transits allows the user to check his individual planetary influences for any day past or present. A person’s “general weather” forecast can be retrieved for any day, at any time. Transits is much more complete than any daily horoscope program as it is tailored to your specific birth date and time. Use Transits to learn more about how planetary energies influence you so that you can take steps to better “weather” anything that life throws at you. Astrology is the best tool for self-development and this program is real astrology.

A new Android app called Transits (it’s free)

February 2, 2012

I have written a new app for Android devices. You can review it here:

Perhaps you will find it of interest.

Transits allows the user to check his individual planetary influences for any day past or present. A person’s “general weather” forecast can be retrieved for any day, at any time. Transits is much more complete than any daily horoscope program as it is tailored to your specific birth date and time. Use Transits to learn more about how planetary energies influence you so that you can take steps to better “weather” anything that life throws at you. Astrology is the best tool for self-development and this program is real astrology.

December 16, 2011

I am posting an article written by Shain McKinnie regarding the significance of December 21, 2012. There are some interesting connections in this article.

Shain McKinnie writes:

“End of Days” Research

Preface: Everyone is getting so excited about December 21st 2012 as if we live in a fairy tale and things are going to happen at the stroke of midnight. I do not believe that things will happen like clockwork. History does not show any of the major events happening at a specific time. Rather, things always happen just after the warning signs (Mayan Calendar) are revealed. It is my personal belief that December 21st, 2012 will come and go without incident and people will think of it like Y2K…a non-event. Because of the 2012 hype, New Years Eve, Dec. 31st, 2012 will be one of the largest celebrations this planet has ever seen. People will think they “dodged the bullet” and they will celebrate as if they just cheated death. Anyone that speaks of impending danger after that will be dismissed as a fraud. Anyone that has written a book on the subject will be severely ridiculed. However, their ridicule will be short lived.

I believe a polar shift will happen after everyone thinks the threat is over and just like the prophecy says, “it will come like a thief in the night”. I believe that a polar shift (just like the one that sank Atlantis, 10,900 B.C.) will be the labor pains that give birth to the new age and a fresh start for mankind. For the artificial entities (government and big business) that we created to serve us, have now become our masters and we are unable to stop the monsters we have given power over us. It is for that reason that I think a great upheaval will be a blessing and not a tragedy. The following is my research on this subject.

End of an Age

The “End of Days” does not actually refer to the end of the world. It refers to the end of the Age. The current age is Pisces. In my research I began by looking for the changing of the Age in our time and this is what I found:

Jesus says in Matthew 24:15-21

15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Notice here that Jesus says the key to the date of the great tribulation is written in Daniel. He also alludes to the date being in winter and on a Sabbath Day (Saturday). He was standing in the northern hemisphere when he said it so we can assume that he is talking about winter in that location…Israel. So I looked to Daniel to find out where he mentions an “abomination” and this is what I found.

And the Angel said to Daniel in Daniel 12:11-12

11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

The numbers and signs are all here except one. When was the “Daily Sacrifice” taken away? So I went looking for clues in other information and found that the Hebrews have always referred to the Dome of the Rock as the “Abomination”. History tells us that the Muslims took the Temple Mount in Jerusalem before 650 A.D. but allowed the Hebrews to continue their religious practices on the mount. However, in 677 A.D. a new Muslim Caliph came to power and stopped the Hebrews from practicing their religious rites on the Temple Mount. He then set about building a temple for Muslims on the mount. First they set up a tent, then a wooden structure, then the building we see today. Some will argue a different date based on the building of the Dome of the Rock, but the event that stopped the Hebrews from performing their rituals occurred in 677 A.D. At that time the “abomination” made the site desolate” of all Hebrew rituals and daily sacrifices.

In the prophecies “days” have usually meant years (a year is like a day to God) so I did some math. 677 + 1290 = 1967: This is the year of the six-day war that established Israel as a whole nation again. In 1948 the United Nations signed a piece of paper that gave the Hebrews rights to their ancestral homeland, but it was in 1967 that the nation of Israel took back the territory that it had 2000 years earlier. It took back Jerusalem, and it became recognized as a military power by its neighbors. In other words, modern day Israel became a sovereign nation in 1967 after a six-day event. (Interesting note: The Torah* starts with a six-day event.) I believe the first number that Daniel gave marks a major event in Israeli history so anyone researching the prophesy will know they got the math right and the second is the actual prophesy. I think he left one marker to point toward the other.

So I did some more math. 677 + 1335 = 2012.

2012! Really?

We have all heard the hype concerning the year 2012. This is the year that the Mayan calendar indicates as the end of their long count. It is also the end of the 26,000-year cycle of the procession of the Ages. An Age lasts approx. 2,160 years (2,160 X 12 signs of the Zodiac = 25,920). 2012 looks like it is going to be a busy year. Here are just a few things that will be happening that year. NASA has stated that a break in the “dust” cloud of the Milky Way will pass between the galactic center and us, allowing us to see the center of our galaxy between the years 2011 and 2013. No one knows the last time this happened. I heard that NASA is sending up a probe to watch the event from outside the atmosphere. In that year the Sun will enter a period of “solar-maximum” (an 11-year cycle) when it will produce an increased numbers of sun spots and solar flares. Solar-maximum lasts about 18 to 24 months. NASA has released a report indicating that they expect this solar–maximum to be more active than most. In that year our solar system will pass through the galactic plane, going from the “Northern” hemisphere of the galaxy to the “Southern” hemisphere. There are a great number of other events and so-called “coincidences” that will occur in this year…far too many to mention here.

The difference between 1290 years and 1335 years is 45 years. The bulk of the winter following the 45-year anniversary of the 6-day war will be in the year 2013. In fact only 11 days of that winter will be in 2012. During that winter there will be 13 Sabbath days. If my research is right, and I understood the prophesies of Daniel correctly, then one of these Sabbath days will mark the great tribulation spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24 (as well as Mark 13 & Luke 21).

Consider this; most Jews observe the Sabbath for 25 hours just to make sure they rested from sunset to sunset. That means that every Sabbath day it is “the Sabbath” everywhere in the world for one hour while the sun sets at the international date-line.

Precession of the Ages

An Age is determined by whatever astrological sign is behind the sun on the spring equinox. The wobble of the planet, or what scientists call the precession of the stars, causes the astrological signs to “move” across the sky at an approximate rate of one degree every seventy-two years. There are 30 degrees in each sign. This means that an Age lasts about 2,160 years.

Each Age has a “Sub-Age”. Kind of like a Yin-Yang thing. The Age is represented by the Masculine aspect of the spirit, while the Sub-Age is represented by the Feminine aspect of the spirit. Pisces is the current Age (the one that’s ending). The sub-age of Pisces is Virgo. The Messiah was a Pisces and his mother was a Virgo. The fish <>< and the virgin were/are the major religious icons of the current Age. There is a transition period between the Ages while the planet moves through what might be called a gray-area between the signs. This is called the “cusp.” While an age has a cusp of 90 years or more, the line that determines what side of the cusp you are on can be narrowed down to a single year. The year 2012 represents the end of the current age. This means that we have been in the cusp between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age for 45 years. But we are still on the Piscean side of the cusp. After 2012 we will still be in the cusp, but we will be on the Aquarius side. 2,160 years prior to 2012 was the beginning of the Age of Pisces. This coincides with the start of the Essene sect approximately 150 years before the birth of Jesus. The Essenes decided to "Make straight the way of the Lord" by leaving the corrupt priests in the temple in Jerusalem and starting their own sect that followed the laws of Moses to the letter. It was their intent to “cleanse” the bloodline of the House of David and create the conditions necessary for the prophesies about the messiah to come to past. Modern day scholars have found evidence indicating that Jesus and John the Baptist were both Essenes, as were their parents. (The library of the Essenes was found in 1947 by a shepherd boy. This library is commonly referred to today as “The Dead Sea Scrolls”.) Aries was the previous Age…the Age of Abraham, Moses, and King David. The sub-age was Libra. Aries is the ram, and the age of Aries was filled with references to rams, lambs, etc. Aries represents sacrifice and new beginnings. Libra is the Scales. It represents the balance of justice and the law. The birth of a new era was born with the Hebrew people (three of the world's major religions stem from this nation) and the Ten Commandments were the law and justice system introduced during that Age. The Piscean Age is the last Age before the end of this 26,000-year cycle. At the beginning of the Piscean Age only one Christ Conscious person was born. Look at the impact just one spiritually enlightened person had on this planet. The Aquarian Age is the first Age of the new cycle. At this time, in what is commonly called the “end of days” we are at the end of the cycle as indicated by the Mayan’s and by Enoch (The Book of Enoch). But it is commonly known that when one thing ends, another begins. In the Book of Enoch, (Section 1, Chapter 1) when Enoch was talking about a “remote” generation, he mentioned a host of ten thousand holy ones. (“And behold! He cometh with ten thousands of His holy ones.”) This prophecy is echoed in the words of Jude. The Book of Jude states, ”And to these also Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied, saying, Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his holy ones,” (ASV: Jude 1:14). I believe that instead of seeing the return of Christ as the return of one man (our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ) we will witness the return of Christ as a spiritual awakening brought about by a host of ten thousand Christ Conscious individuals. The Book of Enoch refers to these individuals as “the Elect”. Likewise, whenever you read the phrase “the elect” in the Bible, or other ancient text, it is a reference to the ten thousand. These ten thousand walk among us today. They are here! They are not some holy group of angels that will appear from the sky. Just like Jesus, they were born of the flesh…incarnate into human bodies through the normal process of being born of woman the same as the rest of us. The difference is these individuals have understood the message of Christ in its totality and have raised their Spiritual consciousness to serve the Christ and all of humanity. The “return” of Christ is now, in our lifetime. The next Age is Aquarius and the Sub-Age will be Leo. According to mainstream Astrology this is what we can look forward to in the Aquarian Age: Aquarius is the age of self-realization (Spiritual Resurrection). Aquarius is the true age of knowledge. Science and religion will merge and people will begin to comprehend that spirit and matter are derived from the same source, and are only modifications of the One Universal Energy that is God. The veil of the Ego will come tumbling down and individuals will commune with the totality. The Feminine aspects of Leo will bring generosity, warmhearted creativity, enthusiasm, and broad-minded thinking with expansive ideas. The feminine aspect of Leo is faithful and loving, which make her an excellent companion to the masculine Aquarius. The next 2160 years will be a time of spiritual enlightenment. Love will be the rule and not the exception. I believe the new Age will be an Age of enlightenment, peace, and brotherly love. I hope you have found my research interesting. Shainathan *The Torah is the Hebrew name for the five Books of Moses. Author’s Personal Post Script: I have spent many years researching this material and writing this research paper, at the time of this revision, there was less than 500 days till the spring equinox of 2013. This research paper is copyright protected.