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An Astrological Calculation Program for Midpoints

Curious about midpoints in astrology? Here's a chance for you to investigate them more fully. MIDPOINT calculates natal and transit charts and displays a lot of data regarding them and midpoints. Here is a list of the calculations:

Natal Data and Aspects
Natal Midpoints and Midpoint Weighting Analysis (MWA - by M. Munkasey)
Natal Planet and Midpoint Sort
Natal Midpoint Sort by Degree
Natal Planet and Midpoint Aspects
Natal Tree

Transit Data and Aspects
Transit Aspects to Natal
Transit Aspects to Natal Midpoints
Transit Midpoint Aspects to Natal
Transit Formulas
Transit Tree

Download Midpoint_v110_install.exe, 1,510,850, 26 Dec 2014.

last updated - 26 December 2014

Allen Edwall

All programs copyrighted