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Astroclock Program

Spiritual astrology can help you understand yourself and others better. With greater understanding we can all get along much more harmoniously. This enhances the quality of life and helps our soul growth. If you would like an astroclock that updates planetary positions every minute, then please download AstrLine.

ASTRLINE.ZIP, 120466, 14 January 2000. AstrLine is an astroclock that updates planetary positions every minute. This program is free for your own non-commercial use and you may copy it and give it to others as long as no price is put on this distribution.

If you get an error message when you run ASTRLINE, then you must manually copy the file HORARY.TTF from your c:\windows\system directory into your c:\windows\fonts directory, as Windows did not do it for you as it should have.

Sample display

last updated - 03 Aug 2002

Allen Edwall

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